Little Lists [13]

Lately I am grateful for…

Beautiful sunsets (despite the fact they start at 4)


Best friends who come to Boston (and delicious brunches)


Generous auto shop workers who fix your mirror for free. It could be worse.


A Thursday surprise from a stranger (the first gift from my gift exchange!)


A surprise from a student who knows how much I love minions


Lazy afternoons spent reading and smelling my favorite smell

It is almost Thanksgiving, but it doesn’t take a special day to express gratitude. What are you thankful for?

Little Lists [12]

Lately I am feeling lucky for….


Fall colors I haven’t seen since 2013.

My favorite mornings in India were the ones that were crisp. I would wrap my shawl twice around my shoulders and shiver inside of the one sweater I brought. I even wore socks with my sandals (it’s quite the look) on the chilliest mornings. My heart was home at Shanti Bhavan, but as I sipped my morning tea (spiked with powdered pumpkin spice latte packets), I would imagine I was  surrounded by rusty leaves and mountains. On Saturday Justin and I went apple picking and seeing the gold, orange, and red leaves on the drive out of Boston felt like coming home. I also discovered that I can’t really take selfies and I love it.

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 9.08.42 PM


I have over 20 pictures of this sign that I’ve taken as I leave work. I can’t help it. The colors are too lovely.

IMG_5930 IMG_5942 IMG_5941


While fall is a time for frolicking, it is also a time for blankets. Most of my autumn weekends have been spent in bed sipping salted caramel hot chocolate, reading Harry Potter (on number 7 now), experimenting with new shades in my grown-up coloring book (it is a therapeutic addiction), or having a Lord of the Rings marathon (the last time I did this also happened to be in the fall, but of 2012). It is an ordinary magic, simple and beautiful, to let your heart rest. To do things that remind me to believe in magic, adventure, and romance as much as I did when I was 16. To take time to appreciate the colorful and creative in between evenings of tomato soup and grilled cheese and movies and blankets and candles. Fall is where my heart is most content and it is good to finally feel like I am home.



There was actually one good selfie.


Little Lists [11]

I haven’t done one of these posts in nearly a year. It’s not that I didn’t have a million moments to be thankful for in India – it’s that there were almost too many. But now I realize that was silly. No moment is too small to be remembered and – now that I am painfully aware of how quickly time passes – I am worried I won’t remember all of the little things that happen. Sometimes I make notes of them on my phone, in half-hearted journal entries, or on the corners of napkins…and it is always the best surprise to have those little jottings take you back to a moment that was funny or thoughtful. When you write things down, they live forever. Today is the beginning of a new month and, while I cannot wait for a new chapter in Boston, I owe July some thanks. Lately I have been thankful for…

guava pastries, spanglish, family, and other reminders that our country is a nation of immigrants.

Miami Collage

 a week on the beach with some familiar faces to catch crabs (or have them catch you), watch beautiful sunsets while striking model poses, and reverse gender roles.

IMG_5279 Virginia Collage IMG_5328 IMG_5301

visits to childhood haunts that remind you to always be a kid (how can you not get excited to see minions and dinosaurs or ride the Hogwarts Express??), take lots of selfies with your parents, and never say no to getting wet.

  IMG_5440 IMG_5439 IMG_5438 IMG_5435   IMG_5446 IMG_5437 IMG_5412  IMG_5417 IMG_5391 IMG_5383 IMG_5447 IMG_5444Orlando Collage

And, of course, the countless things that can’t be photographed, like…

  • reading stacks of books about helping others learn how to read
  • overdue catch up calls with old friends and the realization that maybe everyone is lonely, but in our loneliness we find meaning and reach out to others
  • brainstorming names for future pets (thoughts on ‘Fox Mulder’ and ‘Dana Scully’ for dogs and ‘Tyrion Lannister’ for a rat?)

All right, August. I’m ready for some memories.

Little Lists [10]

The past two weeks of teary goodbyes and nights with friends have made me realize a few things in life I will always need….

Four way air-hockey (I won)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Delicious Indian restaurants for special occasions (6 months with this guy)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Cool places to watch the sunrise (the Lincoln Memorial wasn’t too shabby)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

And a  group of friends like these

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI am officially moved out of my apartment in Maryland. A few more days in Virginia for a wedding, two days of road-tripping, a week in Texas, and I am off to India. Here we go!