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I haven’t done one of these posts in nearly a year. It’s not that I didn’t have a million moments to be thankful for in India – it’s that there were almost too many. But now I realize that was silly. No moment is too small to be remembered and – now that I am painfully aware of how quickly time passes – I am worried I won’t remember all of the little things that happen. Sometimes I make notes of them on my phone, in half-hearted journal entries, or on the corners of napkins…and it is always the best surprise to have those little jottings take you back to a moment that was funny or thoughtful. When you write things down, they live forever. Today is the beginning of a new month and, while I cannot wait for a new chapter in Boston, I owe July some thanks. Lately I have been thankful for…

guava pastries, spanglish, family, and other reminders that our country is a nation of immigrants.

Miami Collage

 a week on the beach with some familiar faces to catch crabs (or have them catch you), watch beautiful sunsets while striking model poses, and reverse gender roles.

IMG_5279 Virginia Collage IMG_5328 IMG_5301

visits to childhood haunts that remind you to always be a kid (how can you not get excited to see minions and dinosaurs or ride the Hogwarts Express??), take lots of selfies with your parents, and never say no to getting wet.

  IMG_5440 IMG_5439 IMG_5438 IMG_5435   IMG_5446 IMG_5437 IMG_5412  IMG_5417 IMG_5391 IMG_5383 IMG_5447 IMG_5444Orlando Collage

And, of course, the countless things that can’t be photographed, like…

  • reading stacks of books about helping others learn how to read
  • overdue catch up calls with old friends and the realization that maybe everyone is lonely, but in our loneliness we find meaning and reach out to others
  • brainstorming names for future pets (thoughts on ‘Fox Mulder’ and ‘Dana Scully’ for dogs and ‘Tyrion Lannister’ for a rat?)

All right, August. I’m ready for some memories.

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