One Way Flight

Seven days of packing, errand running, swimming, home-movie watching, cake eating, coffee drinking, and story-telling later…I am leaving for India today. Well, I woke up to house-shaking thunder and strobe lights of lightening–so hopefully I leave today. The storms have abated for now, but the forecast says terrible weather all day. Fingers crossed.

I was worried when I first got to Texas a week ago that in my limited time here I would either end up neglecting my packing or my family, but–thankfully–it has been neither. My family is sad, but excited for me and the bags are packed soundly at my feet, ready for an adventure. About a year ago I wrote a similar post to this one, One Way Road Trip, the night before leaving for Washington. The last line of that post was, “The countdown to real life begins at 8am tomorrow on the open road!“. Funny. I was so convinced that D.C. was the beginning of my ‘real life’. My ‘career’. My ‘adulthood’. But a year later, I feel the same. Perhaps a little older and wiser, knowing more about myself and the world, but ultimately the same.

I keep telling myself that this time is different, this time really feels like something new and different is starting. I guess this is the most new and different thing I have ever done. But there are two things I’ve realized: 1) I will adapt. People adapt and they change and things that you think are going to be wildly different and difficult often aren’t as drastic as you think they will be. 2) Just because something else is starting soon, something that may be bigger and more exciting, doesn’t mean that the life you are living now isn’t real. As a forward-looker, day-dreamer, list-maker…I tend to fantasize about the future. I won’t tell you to live in the moment, seize the day, or be ‘present’, because everyone else already is and I think those things have different meanings for different people. But, I’ve learned to take the days as they come and try to appreciate them because my ‘real life’ has already started, regardless of whether or not I am ready for it.

Tomorrow I will be somewhere I have never been before, but today has started with coffee and will end with a one way flight.



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