Goat Cheese

While I’ve never really thought about it, I imagine it would be difficult to be with someone (not to mention live with someone) who didn’t like the same foods as you. Picking restaurants would certainly be a challenge and you would miss out on the unique joy of cooking together. Thankfully, I’m no where close to being a food-snob and my love of intricate dishes is easily surpassed by my love for Subway and diner food. So whether we’re feeling easy, worry-free, inexpensive eats or fancy Indian…it’s all ok. And if I want to experiment in the kitchen, Justin will eat anything I put in front of him (unless it’s a raw-ish vegetable. I’m working on it). He doesn’t quite share my same passion for all things pesto, coffee, cardamom, and raspberry, but our preferences are pretty similar. There are two areas where our palettes intensely diverge, however: mustard and goat cheese.

I have never met a human who loves mustard as much as Justin does, but, unfortunately, I can’t stand it. See my look of utter distress when he decided it would be funny to put it so perilously close to my mouth?

Mustard is gross

On his end, I kind of understand how the tangy taste of chevre might be a bit acquired (I was late to the goat cheese party, only seeing the light when I was 19), but come on…it’s goat cheese. Being the good sport that he is, Justin told me that I had three chances to change his mind: three dishes to convince him that this magical food was worth his time. Or maybe he just wanted to trick me into making him a huge dinner. Either way, he gets fed and I get to play in his kitchen and eat goat cheese. So for our last meal in our Maryland apartment (hence the plastic forks), I made a salad with roasted pistachios, crumbled goat cheese, and a honey mustard balsamic dressing (including mustard was my one concession), baked peaches with goat cheese and honey, pesto pizza with garlic, mixed greens, and crumbled goat cheese, and goat cheesecake with graham cracker crust and lemon curd. The empty plates were good indicators of success.

At first I was feeling ambitious and wanted to make the pizza dough, pesto, and lemon curd myself. But then I looked at my watch and my bank account and decided that it wasn’t worth the extra cost. Maybe one day when I am fancy I will start making those things from scratch, but for now the salad dressing is good enough. This was an easy and fun meal for our last night in D.C. and I have already worked up a list of a few more recipes to try and places to eat in Texas before leaving for India. T-minus 5 days until I’ll be eating rice for every meal.

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  1. So what was the verdict…..did he like it?

  2. He did! He still can’t eat it plain on crackers, but he is a fan of it mixed with other flavors.

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