Wine and Moonshine

As cliche as it sounds, the best things in life are the ones we don’t expect, the ones we weren’t looking for. The ones you never thought you needed, but once they’ve made a home in your heart, you can’t imagine living without.


I wasn’t looking for Saturdays of marathon wine tastings in rolling Appalachia, winding down back-roads with the windows down thinking, this is exactly where I want to be.


Wine Glasses

I wasn’t looking for pastel sunsets that begin evenings of bbq-ing, barn dancing, and bonfire-ing with a new tribe of friends that embrace you on face–jar of moonshine in hand–because you are important to someone they care about.

Sunset Valley


I wasn’t looking for any of these things, but they found me and warmed me and changed me.  And I do not intend on letting them go.


Wine Tasting


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