“Spring is the time of plans and projects.”

Even though big fat globs of snow were falling yesterday, the forecast for the rest of the week is 60+ and mostly sunny. I hear birds on my walk to work and there are freshly planted flowers everywhere. I believe that means spring is officially here.

And in the spirit of spring cleaning, the time to rid yourself of clutter and start fresh, I am conducting a 30-day culinary experiment. For the next month I am going to forgo dairy, sugar, and wheat. There are, however, a few notable exceptions. As the self-appointed birthday treat maker at Carnegie, I have some baking to do for a friend’s special day and I do not intend on making something and not trying it. My mom is also coming to visit (her first time in D.C.!) and eating almond croissants over creamy coffee overlooking the waterfront in Georgetown is already on the itinerary. Finally, I’ve been invited to a birthday wine-tasting and I don’t want to be that girl who refuses to toast the birthday girl at sunset on a beautiful vineyard because of a poorly timed 30-day challenge.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that the reason I started reading blogs is because I wanted to lose weight. Embarrassed isn’t the right word, because I shouldn’t be embarrassed about what I thought or how I felt back then. I guess I just feel like my priorities have changed and my own journey in blogging has taken me down a very different route. ‘Healthy living’ is not the niche I have to offer the blog world given my perpetual amateur cook status, my unconditional love for bread pudding and waffles, and a general sense of pretending when I write about those things. My story–whatever it is I have inside me that is constantly trying to get out–is about something else.  Not sure what yet, but every day that picture is getting a little clearer and it is exciting. Anyways, I wrote about my thoughts on dieting and body image a while back and my thoughts haven’t really changed much. To me, this is about challenging myself to do something that may or not produce physical results, but will force me to eat more mindfully, to get creative in the kitchen, to only buy wholesome, real food, and to not buy more than I need (more on my adventures in budgeting later). I’ve read about a lot of peoples’ experiences doing something similar to this and the reviews are typically positive–better skin, more energy, a general feeling of being healthier, etc.. And I figure, I can do anything for 30 days. I was a little inspired by this video on trying something–anything–new for 30 days.

 Who knows what will be next. I’ve always wanted to play guitar. Re-learn how to sight read. Maybe I’ll challenge myself to blog every single day. Or to read every day, because I should do that more. Regardless, I am very excited for all of the things the season is bringing. Warmer weather. Longer days. Coffee on the balcony. Iced Coffee. More time with friends. Smoothies every day. Hiking. Running outside. Homemade Popsicles. Grilling. Grilling. Grilling. Outdoor seating. Picnics. Fire pits. Warm rain. Did I mention grilling? I’m an autumn girl at heart, but I am ready for some serious frolicking with dresses and polka dots and little white shoes. I really should just get a bike that has a bell and a wicker basket that perpetually has flowers in it. Can you tell I’m ready for spring? Lots of stories to come.

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