This would make lunch more exciting.

Graphic designer dad, David LaFerriere, began drawing on his kids’ sandwich bags when they were little. I’m all about hand-written notes, but this is something else.




One of my co-workers isn’t a real human and consistently brings picturesque salads, rustic frittatas, and gourmet soups for lunch that he eats with mouth-watering bites of homemade bread. I’ve been eating eggs and frozen green beans for lunch most days recently (I’m still learning how to eat like an adult while practicing extreme budgeting) or some kind of lentil soup (my co-workers called my black bean-lentil concoction ‘mud soup’….it tasted like curry, but looked like mud). So if you’re like me and tend to bring boring lunches to work because you’re trying to save money (or are a normal person unlike my superhuman office-mate) and don’t have the artistic ability to liven them up this way, here are a few ways to make lunch more exciting. You could try one of these 14 week-day lunch ideas that are easy and healthy. Or if all else fails, you could pack boring food in one of these cool lunchboxes. Eggs would be a lot more exciting if I brought them in this:



But if I’m being honest, my lunchbox would look more like this:



And, per usual, BuzzFeed has 27 things to say about how to pack a better lunch. Because what don’t they have a comprehensive, totally-applicable list for? I’m a fan of number 20.

Time to go make some eggs and get ready for work. Tonight I am headed to see my adopted family in Arlington for dinner, tomorrow a friend is having a party, and Sunday I think I am going to check out noon mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, the largest Roman-Catholic church in the U.S. Throw in some Hindi homework and I’m excited. Anything cool planned for the weekend?

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  1. Yummy…linked to the buzzfeed for ideas as I always bring lunch to work. By the way……I am going to see Chantal in June! I’m so excited.

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