It’s getting chili

It's getting chili

Chili is what you should always make when it snows. Although, D.C. has funny standards for “snow days”. When I received word that work was canceled, there was zero snow on the ground. I “bravely” trekked to the grocery store and on the way back there were a few flurries. Overall we got a few inches and it was pretty blustery, but nothing to hole up at home about.

Regardless, that’s what I did. I set up camp on the couch with my Hindi homework and made a week’s worth of this white chicken quinoa chili. Well, I imagine it would last a week if you didn’t eat multiple bowls of it every time you try to have some. It really is that good. Stupid good, as some would say. And perfect for a cold day. Click the image to get the recipe.

And check out this piece called Snowstorms, Then and Now. Pure gold and so true.

THEN: “A snowstorm! Whee!” Pick up a bottle of wine and Chinese food on your way home from work. Light candles in anticipation of your live-in boyfriend’s arrival home. Snowstorm preparations complete!

NOW: Pick up sixteen different kinds of cookies, chips and pretzels, batteries, toilet paper, milk, eggs, bread, candles, and eighteen different-sized flashlights, for your many blizzard-related lighting needs. Trip old lady to get to only remaining gallon jugs of spring water and Ice Melt on shelves. Drive home. Still forget something. Go back yet again to the supermarket, and weep silently in the parking lot while waiting for a space. Foolishly check email on smartphone, and learn that son’s basketball game hasn’t been cancelled. Karma’s a bitch. Wail.

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    Can’t wait to try this new recipe. Sounds wonderful.

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