Snow & Soup

ImageThat was the theme of the day yesterday. Christian and I were both in need of a tiny adventure, so we woke up, each participated in our exercise of choice (I boxed, he climbed) and then we set off to Frederick, Maryland. The historic city itself is only 45 minutes away, but just beyond it there are a few state parks. We went to Greenbrier State Park and played around the snowy lake for a little while (it was the first time I had ever seen snow and sand mixed together) before venturing into town and eating a very warm meal (chili, cornbread, and eggnog hit the spot).

ImageImageIMG_1937 IMG_1938 IMG_1943

The screen on my camera is broken. So while it still takes pictures, I have been thrown back into the pre-digital age where taking pictures involves pointing, shooting, and hoping for the best. On the one hand it’s rather annoying because you have no idea whether your picture turned out and it is difficult to find the right angle for a certain shot. On the other hand, the mystery is kind of fun and it prevents the inevitable everyone-has-to-look-at-the-picture-to-see-if-they-look-good process that normally happens after picture taking. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, I think since my grandma passed away. I must have looked at hundreds of pictures from her apartment in addition to all the photos from home that we started going through as one usually does when reflecting on a lifetime of memories. And I realized, through all of these pictures, that the candid moments were the best ones. There would be five or six attempted family photos in which children are squirming to get out of the picture and people are blinking or laughing or talking or making strange faces. There were a few “posed” pictures, a few “perfect” ones. But they were rare and, today, in the search for pictures where everyone is smiling nicely, everyone is captured at a flattering angle, etc. I think that we’ve lost so many of those moments in between. The imperfect ones that are real, yet nobody bothers to print out anymore because we only want the “good” ones.

Well, now that I’ve gone on and on about the slight tragedy that has resulted from the age of photo perfection and editing, here are some edited pictures of my weekly recipes. So far so good with my food resolutions (I have eaten green things every day and made more than one new dish this week)! And since the weather has been chilly, I have been curling up with steaming bowls of soup.

First I made this super easy, hearty, and healthy gem from {never} homemaker–one of my favorite blogs. I followed the recipe exactly, but I think had a larger broccoli to sweet potato ratio because my soup turned out a little greener. Cooking with coconut milk has become my new favorite thing, so this recipe was a must-try.

Broccoli soup

And this orange find, from Food52 (a very recent discovery that has become a dangerous time-suck).

Carrot soup 1

I should have roasted the carrots longer for a richer taste, but I was impatient. I also should have used more carrots or less broth. I didn’t use at least a cup of the stock when blending and it was already a little waterier than I wanted. BUT it was very good and hit the spot when served piping hot.

Now to read the news, do laundry, watch some (more) X-Files, skype with a friend, and pick some fun recipes for next week. Gotta love snowy Sundays.

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