Let it snow



I never had a snow day in Minnesota, despite the many feet of powder and ice I saw throughout my four years at Carleton. When you live in the south (yes, D.C. is south of the Mason-Dixon line), however, even the smallest amount of snow fall can cause quite the flurry. And so today is my first snow day since I lived in Texas, the untamed frontier that buckled at the slightest chance of inclement weather. Pictured above is how I’ve spent my day so far and I think the rest of it is going to include ice-skating, my favorite soup, this cake, and a hot-chocolate movie session. What I really want to do is watch Frozen again because it was that good. So despite my general dislike for snow (it is pretty from my window, but quite wet and cold in person), I am thankful for the uninterrupted hours.

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