And the world is colorful

The mornings are getting crisper and my heart is growing warmer. Fall is my favorite time of year. This summer, more than almost any other summer, I fell in love with the heat and the ice cream and the water and the grilling and the country music. But nothing can compare to my love for this season.


I love the shades of brown and red. I love the nippy winds that make your nose and cheeks turn pink. And how I have missed my sweaters and my jeans.


I love the socks and hot chocolate. I am excited to sit outside and enjoy the way my coffee warms me through both my stomach and my hands. As a person who has never acquired a taste for beer, I am biting at the bit for cider season. For apples and pumpkins and cranberries and warm spices.



Two of my friends from work and I are planning a welcome-fall-baking-extravaganza next weekend, so more recipes to come. I think they all involve cider in some way. Some recipes I’ve been coveting…


Apple Pancakes


Bourbon Pear Bread Pudding with Maple Creme FraicheImage 

Apple Tart with Salted Caramel


There is a solitude to fall that I love, with aimless walks and reflections on change. But fall brings people together too, in times of celebration and warmth.

I am betting D.C. fall will be pretty. There is enough green in this town that I am hoping the streets will be littered with sepia and rust and crimson. I will miss Minnesota fall though. For all of its winter (and summer) brutalities, no one does fall like Minnesota. At least that I have experienced. I’ve heard fall in the north east is quite nice and–even though I feel like it makes me sound a few decades older than I am–the idea of a maple syrup/cider/doughnut tasting tour through some tiny old New England towns sounds perfect.

But mostly I’ll miss Minnesota because I miss Carleton. I figured post-graduation life wouldn’t hit me until fall because–up until now–it has felt like another summer job. Temporary. Well, it is temporary. I have no idea where I will be in eleven months. But, it will be strange to be here when elsewhere people are going to class, reuniting with friends after a few months of adventuring, and doing homework together under falling leaves.

Like the seasons, I guess I am changing too. All I can hope for is that the new leaves I am turning over will be as beautiful as the ones I miss so much.


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  1. Completelllly with you on fall being the best..I’m craving these same things. Let’s have baking and cider nights please 🙂

  2. We’re missing you too! Enjoy all of D.C.’s loveliness, and be sure to tell us how those recipes turn out!

  3. Hello, Cheerio says:

    Fall is my favorite time of year as well; it seems here in Minnesota we’ve had the greatest season of color that we’ve seen in a few years. Truly good stuff. By the way, the apple tart looks ahhhmazing.

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