• I learned how to launder money at work today and then my boss and I had lunch in a nearby park because the weather is becoming beautiful. I also decided to build a napping-fort under my desk to help battle 3pm lulls. My office-mates were all for it.
  • We found a futon and a pot in one of our building’s trash rooms. It’s not stealing if someone throws it away.
  • The ” key finally fell off my keyboard. It makes me think of the all the places this laptop has been.
  • Someone sent my roommate a bag of avocado brownies and she has been nice enough to share. Even though I can’t stomach avocados, I can eat them in brownie-form. Magic.
  • I’m starting to find running trails with little-to-no stoplights. The one today smelled like trees and s’mores and was lined with houses that look like cottages.

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  1. Avocado brownies?!

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