New Beginnings



Two days of NPR and fast-food filled driving, a lot of unpacking, and a few near-collisions with city drivers later…I am finally in D.C. Yesterday, my first full day in Washington, was pretty overwhelming. I didn’t give myself much of a chance to relax this summer and giving myself only a day to unpack, finish getting things for the apartment, grocery shop, and mentally prepare myself for work probably wasn’t the best idea. I had forgotten how quickly this city moves and it was a lot to handle for a heart that was just getting used to the slow-moving, care-free days of summer.

But today I put my suit back on and felt more like a beltway girl. My toes are achy and cramped from the heels, but it was empowering to hear their familiar click as I walked down the metro steps and through the halls of my new workplace. Today was full of paperwork and HR lectures. Thinking for the first time ever about retirement savings and life insurance made me feel super old….quite the contrast from my Bed, Bath and Beyond experience yesterday where literally every store-clerk I spoke to asked me if I was going back-to-school shopping.

All of the research fellows in my office were out of town/out of the office today so I just did paperwork and read the news to catch up on some things I’ll be working on soon. I met the other Junior Fellows who all seemed like really quality people. And I discovered that I have tomorrow off! Apparently there is a “Summer Friday” policy where everyone works an additional hour or so every day and then doesn’t come in on Fridays. So I have a three-day-weekend! A surprise day off is just what I need to finish settling in.

I guess this is the best situation I could ask for, right? The kids are nice, I get to learn cool things, and I have Friday’s off for the rest of the month. Plus I have christmas lights in my bedroom and I finally tracked down the book The Fault In Our Stars. This year will be a lot of work, but I am predicting there will also be many a happy hour to be had with some new friends as well as many a night spent in bed reading good books under cozy, twinkling lights. Here’s to this year and all of the changes it brings.

And hello to my new followers! Thanks for stopping by to read my silly stories and thoughts. You caught me at a very interesting time in my life, so stick around. And if anyone has any tips on what do to/see in D.C., please let me know!


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