My room is a mess. I’ve successfully put off packing and preparing to move until the weekend before I leave for D.C. and it is amazing how quickly the hours can disappear. A 500 page book to read? Several boxes to unpack and loads of laundry to do? A lifetime worth of books and trinkets to sort through? Yeah that can totally be done in one weekend. We’ll see.

Yesterday I brought my giant book with me to Barnes and Noble where I pounded through 100 pages, spent too much time perusing shelves, snacked on a tasty spinach stuffed pretzel (this B&N has an awesome cafe in it), and, of course, came home with yet another book. It won’t be clothes or electronics that break my budget, it will be books. And food. And traveling…

So I did get through some of my reading, but instead of coming home and spending the rest of the evening unpacking, I saw Monster’s University and then went out for dinner and drinks with two very old friends. There is always a time and place to be responsible, but I’ve learned that passing up an opportunity to build and nurture relationship with people is almost always more worthwhile. I had a great night. But my room is a disaster.

Clutter is really overwhelming to me, but I keep repeating the old saying that things have to get worse before they get better. To truly de-clutter and sort through my life, I need to have everything unpacked and sprawled out in front of me. I will take only what I need and truly, truly want with me to D.C. and begin anew in a clean, empty room.

Just like my new room, I will also be empty and rife with potential for new opportunities. In a lot of ways, I get to start over. I get to reinvent myself. That’s one of the main reasons I’ve been enjoying my new hair so much. I feel like a different person. On the one hand, I feel like this girl from Disney’s The Paperman.

ImageImageImageYou know, more mature with hair that whips around easily in the wind. And on the hand I feel like these little dudes because my ponytail is short and pointy and instead of half way down my back like it used to be.

ImageImageI used to think of long hair as the quintessence of freedom. It is natural, young, windswept, unkempt, reminiscent of mermaids, etc. But having shorter hair has been so liberating. I don’t have to take care of it because without the added weight, it naturally dries in bouncy waves. So maybe I’ll keep this look for awhile.

New hair, new room, new job, new life. New me. Kind of. Maybe ‘rewritten’ isn’t the right word because it implies erasing something that was there before. Perhaps I want some things erased, but certainly not everything. I just want to learn and grow and I think that will require some letting go, some starting over, some rewriting.

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  1. Totally get the thing about the hair. Just spontaneously cut my mane and loving the crazy bouncy curls that look so different but also morning my long locks and the easy look of them. Yours is darling!

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