Bear with me…

But the format of this little blog will probably keep changing for awhile. Part of it is my inability to sit still and constant need for change and improvement, but I also haven’t found a format that is quite right. For now I’ve returned to the original look I chose last November because all of the lovely colors and pictures were starting to get overwhelming and I am a minimalist at heart. I like the clean feel of this theme and I like the tiny text.

One day I’ll sit down and figure out all of this CSS nonsense and think really hard about what I want my small corner of the internet universe to look like. Until then I will continue to fiddle with fonts, colors, images, and themes.

Also, it’s only 20 days until I move to D.C. I still have numerous books/articles to read, two trips to take, and many mid-middle-aged crises to have in between now and then, but I can’t believe how quickly the days are going by. I’m nervous because I want to live up to my future employers’ expectations, but mostly I’m just excited. Half of me wants to live a life of complete tranquility where I wake up with the sun, drink coffee next to a lake, and write novels all day (that’ll probably happen at some point), but the other half thrives on the type of ambitious, passionate energy that defines D.C. While I’ve learned that it’s stressful to overstretch yourself, I don’t plan on missing any opportunities during my year there. I want to make new friends, throw myself into my work, push myself physically by running a few races and joining a boxing club (I don’t think I have any pent-up childhood aggression, but lately I’ve been having the strongest urges to learn how to fight and, you know, punch things), try new recipes with my awesome future culinarily-savvy roomie, and take advantage of the amazing institutions, organizations, and people around me (especially the ones who host talks that are available to the public and have free snacks and books). D.C. is America’s gateway to the world and I fully intend on jumping through.

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  1. Yaaay I am so excited hurry up and get here! So much baking and blog talking and fun things in the future 🙂

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