Spring Term: Just Do It All

The past several days have been an absolute blur. I have had more fun than I can remember having in a long time, but I have also had incredible amounts of work. Interestingly enough, I have been able to both have fun and get my work done. And squeeze a few runs in. What I haven’t been doing is sleeping, but that’s ok. I’ll sleep after I graduate. Until then, I want to fit in as many moments with my friends as possible. On the note of not sleeping…

Saturday was Rotblatt, a treasured Carleton tradition where students either don’t sleep Friday night or wake themselves up before sunrise (I started my night at 1am after going to sleep at 10:30) to play a drunken softball game that has as many innings as years the school has been alive. So this year, 147. You have to get up early to get a t-shirt that comes in 2 colors and your color will determine what team you play for. Anyone and everyone can play as long as you have a beer in your hand.

The weather has been terrible this term (snow in May and incessant rain), but someone in the sky decided to give us a break on Saturday and blessed us with the.perfect.day.

ImageGot our shirts. I was happy the red matched my face paint.

ImageIt should really be an American holiday.

ImageCampus at 6am. I really love the world at this time a day. Maybe I should get up earlier….


It really couldn’t have been a more perfect day. It rained for a little bit in the early evening, but that just made mud which we managed to enjoy…


As someone who loves to sleep, I amazed myself that I didn’t nap once the entire day. I wanted to enjoy every moment of the beautiful weather and time with my friends so I stayed up from 1am-9pm. I left the mud party at 6 because I was hungry and starting to crash so I went home, showered, made food, and passed out before 9 about half way through The Importance of Being Earnest. Great movie, if you haven’t seen it.

The consequence of going to bed at 9pm is that you wake up incredibly early. So I woke up naturally at 6 and got straight to work on a 10 page paper that was due the next day. Now, I never.ever.ever start papers the day before they are due. That kind of procrastination freaks me out. But my dwindling motivation just over a week away from graduation completely calmed my nerves, assuaged my guilt, and I did it. 10 pages, 1 day, no problem.

I also wrote ANOTHER paper on Monday (yesterday) and managed to have fun AGAIN. It was my friend Julian’s birthday and so we went out to half price wine night at a local bar. Something you should know about Julian is that he has an irrational fear of poop, so Chantal (being the classy lady that she is) always threatens that she is going to surprise him with poop. Backstory: Before we were going to leave I decided that I wanted to make muffins. These espresso-chocolate muffins, to be precise. I had been meaning to make them for the longest time and then I thought that I could bring one to Julian for his birthday. Then Chantal had the idea that we could put one in a jar and pretend that it is poop (I suppose both chocolate and poop are brown so if he looked into the jar, he wouldn’t be able to tell the difference at first). So…

IMG_0661_Fotor_20130604 IMG_0662_Fotor_20130604

The muffins didn’t fit nicely in the jar, so we had to crumble them up a bit. The trick worked perfectly! Julian freaked out as soon as we whipped out the jar and was terrified to look inside. But then he ate the muffin and really liked how it tasted. They were incredibly delicious after all (even if they do look like poop in the dark) and I may have had two of them for breakfast this morning.

Muffins Muffins2

And last night was incredibly fun. I drank a little more than I intended do (whoops…the wine was so good!), but everyone else did to and so we all had a blast.

IMG_0666 IMG_0674 IMG_0678 IMG_0680 IMG_0683Happy birthday, big guy. I promise to never actually give you a jar of poop.

So I fell asleep right away (maybe on the table before we left…) due to all the wine, but for some reason got up at 5am and could not to back to sleep. So what’s a girl to do in the wee hours of the morning? Eat a muffin and write another 10 page paper. That’s right. My task for today was to write my 3rd paper in 3 days and I have already finished it. I am definitely going to crash and burn later because I got less than four hours of sleep after having four (or five) glasses of wine, but that’s ok. I’ll take a nap and prepare myself for whatever fun shenanigans happen tonight. These are the memories I will treasure years from now, so I don’t plan on missing out. Stay tuned for more stories (and probably snacks) to come.

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