“Northfield Over Coffee” and my 100th post

This post commemorates two very special occasions. First, it is my 100th post on this little blog! Already I have started to see changes in it, in what I write about, in the quality of my writing. The way that I think has also changed. When I think about things or am exposed to something new, I find myself trying to think of how I could blog about it which makes me break things down more. I am becoming much more aware of how I think, what opinions I actually have, and how I would express those opinions and ideas to someone else. So thanks, little blog, you are making me a more thoughtful person and I am learning a lot about myself.

Second, my wonderful journalism group and I have FINALLY finished our term-long project. A few weeks ago we spent all day in a local coffee shop with the intention of talking to as many people as we could, just to see what they would tell us (followed by so many hours in the audio lab editing, fine-tuning, and agonizing over how frustrating technology can be). What we found is that people are much friendlier than you assume they will be (maybe this is because we are in small town Minnesota, but I think this is true for most people) and that everyone has a story to tell you. People will surprise you and, often, amaze you with their lives, their opinions, and the way they see the world. I love talking to strangers. About anything and everything. It is something that I forget that I love, because often I get too caught up in myself and forget that other people are worth listening to. It’s terrible, but I think we are all guilty of that sometimes. In our rush to finish our own business, we forget that giving other people just a few moments of our time, giving them just a little bit of interest, can mean so much to them and it can be fascinating. People really just want to tell their stories and what amazing stories they have. I think that is why I love blogging so much. Blogging, after all, is just a way for people to tell the little stories of their lives. I love reading about people’s passions, their hobbies, their thoughts. I love finding people who challenge the way that I think, that feel the same way I do about things, and that inspire me to look at things differently. Taking the time to invest in people is one of the most worthwhile endeavors, in my opinion, and is something I need to do more of.

Anyways, back to journalism. This is the best group-work experience I have ever had. Even when we were up until 2:30am editing, I was having fun (despite the fact that I appeared cranky and crazy-eyed). I have never been so lucky to work with a group of such quality individuals, so different from each other, but each with such an amazing degree of generosity, passion, and confidence in themselves. Thanks, y’all, for all the good times. And for making our final product amazing! It is really one of the things I’ve done in college that I am proudest of (#1 being my thesis) because of its professional quality and heartfelt message. The image below will take you to the website where our podcast is published.


And here we are in the recording studio! So many hours. Pictured from left to right: me, Claire, Mallory, Sam, Zoe.


Thanks for the memories, guys. I hope you all get the chance to listen and I hope you enjoy these peoples’ stories as much as I did. And thanks for stopping by to read mine.

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