Wine + Cake + Love =

THE BACHELORETTE. I have been waiting to watch this season of The Bachelorette for so long. I’ve never been a reality TV person, but, for some reason, I can’t get enough of the Bachelor and Bachelorette. Maybe it’s because I believe love can happen anywhere. I don’t know. But my friends and I (and all of America) fell in love with Des last season and are ready to join her on her journey to find love (see our thoughts on Sean’s season here).

ImageTo celebrate this momentous occasion, I made Red Wine Velvet Cake. This was my first time using wine in a recipe, the first time I made a three-layer cake, and I got to use these nifty cake pans Chantal got me for my birthday that have this slider thing built in to ease the process of getting the cake out of the pan. They worked like a charm and this cake was delicious. I did everything according to the recipe, except I used cream cheese frosting instead of making my own because I don’t have an electric mixer.


ImageImageWe laughed, we teared up, we made fun of a lot of the guys (I think they get cheesier and weirder as the show goes on), but we also fell in love with a few of them. Two of the top contenders were..

Juan Pablo


I think Des described him as a ‘dream of a man’. He’ll be here for a little while. Quite the opposite of this suave Venezuelan, the other fan favorite was sweet Drew (or “shy guy” as we have dubbed him. We have a hard time remembering all their names, so we have to come up with nicknames for them pretty quickly).

ImageI’m sure some more of these guys will grow on us, but for now we are pretty set on our favorites. Stay tuned for more love recipes!


Also, shout-out to my amazing roommate of four years, Chantal, who just got accepted to the Peace Corps! She will be doing amazing public health things in Burkina Faso next year. So proud of you!!

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