I don’t know about you…

but yesterday I was feeling 22. Because it was my birthday! I can’t think too much about the fact that I am no longer a teenager. Being 20 wasn’t really that exciting and being 21 felt kind of grown up, but still more like a kid because you had this special newbie status of finally being able to drink legally. 22, however, is a whole new animal. The next monumental birthday after this one is 30 (maybe 25 is special?) and it is often considered monumental is a negative (old) way. I personally think I will be a great 30 year old, but it still really freaks me out. This is also my last birthday in college which makes me incredibly sad. I hope that I meet more amazing people who will surround me with love and friendship and that I will be fortunate enough to celebrate my birthday with them next year, but it will not be the same. This year my wonderful friends made me feel so loved and special that I can’t even describe how good and cared for I felt. Plus, the whole school celebrated with me because it was Carleton’s spring concert so you can’t really ask for much more than that.

My birthday celebrations started a few days earlier in the week when we lied and told the people at the local sushi restaurant it was my birthday so we could get the free dessert. Yum.

ImageOn the actual day of my birth, I wanted to have people over for brunch before our annual spring concert began. Here is what we set up.


We needed something versatile that could also easily feed a lot of people. Pancakes seemed optimal along with some festive toppings and some drinks. I was really happy with the way it all turned out.

ImageUnfortunately this delightful set up did not last for very long.


And everything made is this house usually ends up with beer in it…

ImageBut it’s ok. Everyone enjoyed their pancakes. I put lots of sprinkles on mine because sprinkles make it ‘birthday’. That’s what I told people when I put sprinkles in their coffee as well. Solid logic on my part (maybe a mimosa or two deep).

ImageThe most important part was that my favorite people came and I think everyone had a great time. Something about senior spring makes everyone appreciate the little moments like this more and I heard a lot of people express that small things with friends, like eating pancakes and listening to music, were the things that they wanted to do the most before leaving school.

ImageImageAnd what lovely friends they are. Chantal even got me a foot long tootsie roll (a pre-birthday present Friday night, which I enjoyed in bed watching a movie because I was exhausted) because she knows how much I love them. Again, it’s the little things.

ImageAfter some breakfast and some drinks (and some face paint) we headed over to the concert where we danced, played lawn games, drank more, and laughed for rest of the day and evening. And we devoured this amazing cake Chantal made me.

ImageI did a lot of damage to this baby before someone stepped in it. I figured it would happen because everyone was running around and a little intoxicated, but it was pretty much almost gone and I had had my fair share. Overall it was a wonderful day full of friends, food, and mud. Thanks to everyone, near and far, who made me feel so loved and special.

ImageAnd, thank you to my lovely 30 followers! It means so much that you are interested enough in my simple, silly life to pop in every once in a while to read what I write. This whole blogging thing has been fun and I’m excited to keep it up and see how this blog changes as I change. Because in a few months my whole world is going to get flipped upside down as I graduate and move to D.C. Stick around. Things might get interesting.

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  1. I turned twenty-two this month also! Except we can drink legally when we are 18, so 22 is making me feel completely ancient. Happy Birthday! Brunch looks delicous x

  2. that’s definitely my beer can in the cake batter… oops! love you more than anything rems!!

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