Stormy Sunday Snacks and Popcorn Week 7

The weather this weekend has been insanely erratic. Every morning I’ve woken up at about 6am by booming claps of thunder and the torrential downpour that follows. By 10am the skies are cloudy and by 11am the sun is shining and the breeze is soft. Come late afternoon the greyness returns, soon to become a blackness that engulfs the sky and showers us with rain again, but by dinner time is just a memory. The sunset was beautiful and now, at 11pm, the lightening is blinding. I don’t get it.

I did manage to make some tasty snacks on this rather stormy Sunday. For brunch Claire, Daria, and I made this almond meal strawberry cake which I have been meaning to make for a very very long time. We modified the recipe slightly, replacing soy-yogurt with greek yogurt, mixing the strawberries with maple syrup instead of maple sugar, and adding a 1/4 tsp of almond extract. Our cake did not turn out nearly as pretty as the original blog’s pictures, but they never do. The important part was that is tasted HEAVENLY.


ImageImageAnd tonight I completed recipe #7 of my popcorn experiments. Introducing…

ImageI have been craving s’mores since the weather started getting warmer, but for some bizarre reason still haven’t had any despite the many times I’ve grilled. So, I bought some marshmallow fluff, mixed it in with some popcorn, and sprinkled on a ton of graham cracker crumbs and chocolate chips. Definitely not comparable to an actual s’more, but it still captures the sticky satisfaction.

It is supposed to thunderstorm until Thursday. I actually love storms, but not when I have to bike a handful of blocks to campus in the pouring rain. As long as it’s sunny on Saturday because it’s my birthday! Look out, 22.

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