Ahhhh best day ever! I went to the bookstore to claim the prize of a raffle I won (it is an alumni license plate frame…I don’t have a car, but I will one day I guess!) and the first thing I see when I walk in is a stand full of this beautiful book! I love Dan Brown. I’ve read all of his books and have thoroughly enjoyed each one. In fact, I can’t put them down which is kind of problematic given the amount of work I have to do. I considered waiting until the weekend, but I am very impatient when it comes to things like this. When a new movies comes out that I want to see, I have to see it immediately. Same goes for TV shows, same goes for books.

I think I might be a little psychic. Just two days ago I was sitting in bed thinking about when Dan Brown’s next book was going to come out. And here it is! Happy happy day. I’m a few chapters in and it is AWESOME. Such an intriguing writer with a true knack for historical and fantastical storytelling.

If only I didn’t have a micro test that I needed to study for…

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