That’s a mouthful. As are these yummy muffins. Adapted every so slightly from this recipe, these little guys have made my gloomy day so much brighter. I have had this recipe in mind for awhile and today realized that I had super ripe bananas that needed to be used ASAP, oat flour (that I bought on a whim because I thought it could be fun), chocolate chips (always), and frozen raspberries (because its smoothie season).

I wasn’t in the mood for something too sugary (plus there is so much natural sugar from the fruit) that I only put in 2 tbsp of brown sugar instead of half of a cup and, to make them vegan, I put in 1/4 cup of applesauce instead of an egg.

These might also be gluten free because I used oat flour. Are oats gluten free? I’m not sure. Anyways, they are DELICIOUS.


Also, I rented my cap and gown today and got a free “Class of 2013” mug. How is it possible that I am graduating in a little over a month? I don’t believe it. I also have to do laundry, but I’m terrified to try after my last laundry fiasco. Our washing machine wouldn’t drain so all of my clothes were soaking wet. I thought, I guess I’ll just squeeze out the excess water and then run them through an extra dry-cycle. I split up the load into the two dryers (just recently fixed after months of pestering our landlord) because I didn’t want either load to be too heavy. Fast forward 3 dry-cycles later and my clothes are still soaking wet. One dryer refused to turn and the other made my clothes really really hot, but not dry. Fail.

So I draped them all over the basement in the hopes that they would dry, but come morning they were still wet and starting to get musty. I packed up all of the larger items and brought them to a friend’s house to use her drier and then proceeded to dry all of my socks and underwear with my hairdryer.

A few hours later I went to pick up my hopefully-dry clothes but it had begun to snowstorm and I couldn’t get my car up the hill to their house because it was so snowy and slippery. In fact, the car turned sideways and started sliding down the hill so I freaked out and parked around the corner to set out on foot, determined to get my clothes. On my way up the hill that my car couldn’t climb, I fell and when I reached their house…no one was home. Defeated, I turned to go back to the car and realized the keys weren’t in my pocket. I panicked and thought that I must have locked them in the car, but when I back-tracked I found them in the spot where I had fallen.

Utterly defeated and frustrated, I went home and picked up my laundry a few days later. Some of the shirts were fine, but the heavier items smelled super musty. They were dry, granted, but smelled like a wet dog. So I need to wash them again. Our driers have been fixed and they allegedly work (accoridng to my housemates), but I am terrified of having to endure another 72 hour laundry endeavor.

I would prefer to stay in bed, not do laundry, and keep eating muffins.

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