“Our feet were weary, but our hearts were restless. And so we traveled on.”


This is Dumbledore. With him, several weeks ago, Claire, Lilly, Daria, and I explored the wild west backwards as we traveled from Las Vegas to Northfield. Along the way we laughed until we cried, climbed lots of rocks, lived off oranges and peanut butter, and made countless memories I will never forget.

So here is the abridged chronicle of the trans-continental adventure of four girls of roughly the same height and stature who all have the proclivity to snuggle and speak in accents.

It will mostly be photos. They can tell stories in ways that I can’t. 90% of the things I loved about this trip wouldn’t make sense if I typed them out anyways…they are mostly strange jokes, noises, faces, and crazed fits of laughter with best friends that brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. As well as the breathtaking sights that leave you feeling wonderstruck. I can’t capture that feeling in words.

Destination 1: Las Vegas

In the land of mile high heels we danced, laughed, stole bags of hotel food, acted weirder than we should have, and learned that guys will leave you alone if you speak to them in strange accents.




And then–with more lipstick than sunscreen–we hit the road.

Road Trip

Destination 2: The Grand Canyon

Where we snuck into campgrounds, almost were attacked by elk, lost our minds in an Albertson’s parking lot, met countless geology nerds, amassed a few sunburns and bruises, turned orange, and enjoyed some inspiring sunset drives while listening to Taylor Swift and the Lord of the Rings soundtrack.

Roadtrip   Roadtrip2


Destination 3: Sedona

Where we listened to countless podcasts, I perfected my Russian accent, Lilly turned 22 again, we discovered a vortex, and I realized I was in love with red dirt and the ability to see forever. roadtrip6 roadtrip7

Destination 4: Taos

Where Dumbledore finally got cleaned, we perfected the art of parking lot picnics, met some of the nicest, most hospitable young people, became connoisseurs of gas-station coffee, and watched a hot air-balloon from a hot-spring.



Destination 5: Denver

Where we bid farewell to Dumbledore and Claire and joined forces with Jeepy, Ruby, and Sarah, we skipped along city blocks and ignored the strange stares, and mistakenly ate Mexican food before beginning a night in the car.


Destination 6: Nebraska/Northfield

Where we felt ambitious enough to drive through the night to make it to Northfield, but ended up staying in Nebraska (the land that smells like turkey-poo and seems to expand forever) and where we found the best flavor of chips ever.plillyroxyChicken & Waffles


As excited as I was to get out of the car and actually have space to stretch my limbs, it was the greatest spring break I have ever had and I have been bitten by the roadtrip bug. The thought of being in a car for hours might sound like torture to some people, but if I am armed with the right albums and company, I absolutely love it. I want to drive without a destination in mind, eat in one-of-a-kind-establishments, watch the sunrise in someplace different every morning, and share stories and sing songs with the people I care about. Who knows where the road will lead me next.

On The Road

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