Blonde Babies & Oatmeal

My lovely aunt magically satisfied my craving for steel cut oatmeal. I didn’t even ask, it was just waiting to be eaten when I woke up this morning. And for toppings? Candied walnuts, just-tapped-from-the-tree maple syrup, and ground flax seed.

I love the farm.


I’ve also been surrounded by a very large number of blonde babies. Last night Reid (age: 3, eyes: blue, hair: blonde) asked who at the table had black hair and everyone turned to look at me. I didn’t correct him and say that my hair was actually just very dark brown. At a table with Norwegian blondies, I my guess my Cuban mane sticks out a little bit.

Sitting to my right was Bryce (age: 5, eyes: blue, hair: blonde). He and I snuggled all evening and when I asked him which horse he thought would win the Kentucky Derby he said “I think….the front one”. Solid logic. (Side note: I TOTALLY picked the winning horse. Before the race started. Lucky #16 FTW).

To his right was Eve (age: 9 months, eyes: blue, hair: none). I’ve found that I really enjoy talking to babies as though they are adults. For instance:

Eve: Eeeeerrrvien.

Me: So, you’re having carrots for dinner. Do you like orange food?

Eve: Grmblahh.

Me: You know, I am eating a cookie and ‘carrots’ and ‘cookie’ both start with the letter ‘C’. You don’t know that because you can’t read and by the time you can, you won’t remember this conversation.

Eve: *blank stare*

Me: Good chat. Maybe I’ll stop by later when you’re playing on the floor. I’ll have to come to you, since you can’t crawl yet.

And later…

Eve: *looks at me from Uncle Alan’s arms*

Me: I am working on a microeconomics paper. Do you have anything to say about that?

Alan: Me?

Me: No, I was talking to Eve.

Eve: *chin begins to quiver, eyes water, and baby-banshee-wailing begins*

Me: Yeah, me too.

ImageYeah, micro is kind of scary.

To my future children, I apologize for how much I will mess with you. It’s just too easy. I guess to make it up to you I will love you unconditionally forever, take you on lots of cool adventures, and make you amazing breakfasts like the one Aunt Cindy made this morning. And I will buy you awesome sheets like these.

ImageThe theme is called ‘Astro Monkey’ and, unfortunately for you, I will get to pick your room theme well before you come into this world. Fortunately for you, I have great taste.

PS: Watch as they slowly decide they don’t want me in the picture anymore.


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