Little Lists [1]

I am constantly inspired by blogs written by people who somehow manage to dream big and celebrate the smallest things. Reading them makes me so happy and I always have one of two reactions: 1) I want to incorporate these things into my life, 2) These things aren’t for me, BUT they made me think of other things I like. Either way, they make me think and I’d like to start brainstorming some things of my own.

In life, I want…Image

  • To be a well traveled woman
  • To write sarcastic love notes
  • A dog who will roll his/her eyes at me (Tory always gave me incredulous looks when she thought I was being stupid)
  • To always approach failure constructively
  • My own chickens
  • A porch swing
  • More steel cut oats…for any meal

When I think of more little things that make me happy, that I desire, that I dream of…I will add them to the list.

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