Birthday Marathon #5

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHANTAL LENE BOJKREVINK DONAHUE. I actually have no idea how to spell her second middle name, but it is pronounced boke (like ‘poke’) er (like ‘her’) vink (like ‘stink’). Ain’t she pretty?

Sexy lady

While she does have an aptitude for distorting her face in impressively ugly ways (maybe more of those later), her normal face is super cute. Here’s the birthday girl getting pied in the face (something most people might not appreciate, but she LOVES it).

Pie Face

Of course, I made another Mix&Match Mama cake. This time it was Salted Caramel Mocha. Typing it now still makes my mouth water because it was heavenly. Everything went according to the recipe except for the frosting. I don’t have an electric mixer and so despite Karlie’s impressive biceps, the frosting didn’t whip very well and ended up being more of a thick glaze. Not to worry. As it turns out, a caramely sugar glaze that seeps into the cake and makes it incredibly moist is a delicious baking failure. Everyone said this one was their favorite, but when I asked them if they liked it better than the banana one (which had elicited some very mind-blown responses) they all looked off into the distance, their eyes widened, their taste-buds traveled back in time, and they they couldn’t decide.

After birthday girl showered and got the whipped cream out of her hair, we went to Hogan Brothers for her free sandwich (and cake) and then the Reub for 2 for 1 drinks and wings.

Ho Bros


2 for 1


Our party ended up getting crashed by the intoxicated ex-Mayor of Northfield. The conversation went something like this:

Ex-Mayor Man: You kids from Carleton?

Us: Yes!

Him (as he sits down): I graduated in 1971 and I’m drunk!

We chatted with him, he rapped for us, and bought a round of drinks. Definitely not the company we were expecting, but pretty entertaining.

Wormy, thanks for being the best friend a girl could ask for. I can’t count the number of times you’ve made me cry from laughing so hard and I am so excited for our friendship-honeymoon this summer where we gaze into eachother’s eyes while eating and walk hand in hand while the sun sets.

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