10 Weeks of Popcorn: Week 4

I’m behind again, but it’s because my weekend was jam packed with workshops and food (and a little homework). I have had a bottle of Irish Cream liquor on my desk since I made these for Cara’s birthday in October so when I was trying to come up with fun popcorn recipes, I decided to use what I had. Introducing…


I am not baking-savvy enough to figure out how to incorporate liquor into a popcorn recipe on my own, but thankfully someone else already thought of this. The recipe called for less than I normally make and because I a) didn’t feel like converting any ingredient proportions to make more and b) lost some of the popcorn in the oven stage, there was substantially less than the other flavors I’ve made. It’s pretty tasty and I love how sweet and rich it is, but the flavor doesn’t pop as much as the others. Still good though! And pretty creative.


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