Ten Weeks of Popcorn: Week 2

I’m a little behind with my weekly popcorn experiments. I thought I would have enough time on Sunday after getting back from Chicago (I will blog about the conference soon!), but I got back later than I thought I would and then unfortunately had to prioritize work shifts over popcorn.

Last term I made several birthday cakes for my housemates and I had the best time trying new cake recipes and finding ones I thought fit each of them perfectly. The next house birthday, however, is not until the end of April. To fill the void of birthday cake until then, I have invented…


  • Melt white chocolate chips in the microwave (I did two rounds, using half of the bag each time)
  • Stir in yellow cake mix (dry) until the mixture is even
  • Mix in a little water so that the mixture is easily pourable (it should also turn a little yellow)
  • Pour over popcorn batter and mix
  • Add sprinkles
  • Let dry

This concoction is SO sugary. Definitely don’t eat too much at once because you will feel a little sick (guilty). But it is delicious and arguably a healthier way to satisfy a birthday cake craving than an actual cake. I have plans to make another popcorn batch this weekend since I am a few days behind schedule. Like the last one (thin mint), this flavor got the house stamp of approval. I’m starting to think they will enjoy anything I put in front of them…

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