Ten Weeks of Popcorn

I got a new toy yesterday. This funny looking contraption (officially called a West Bend Air Crazy Popcorn Popper) makes popcorn with hot air, meaning no need for oil or butter or any of that other yucky stuff that makes it greasy.

Air Popper

You just put in the kernels, turn it on, and the popped popcorn shoots out into the bowl (and often past the bowl…it can be rather unpredictable). I got this because I’ve been making a lot of popcorn these past few months and was getting tired of the clean up and the oils. Making popcorn on the stove top is still much healthier than bagged microwave popcorn, but this machine requires no oils whatsoever. That said, the ease of making popcorn this way inspired a not-so-healthy idea.

I want to try experimenting with different popcorn flavors. My default is to eat it plain or sprinkle it with some white cheddar powder. I added M&Ms the other day for a sweet and salty mix. But I’d like to get much more creative than that.

Girl Scout Cookie season started a few months ago and I ordered some boxes of thin mints from this adorable girl I babysit. I have one left (I shared a little bit, but I ate most of them myself. I’m not really proud, but I’m not ashamed either) and decided to combine my second favorite cookie (nothing can replace oreos in my heart) with my new favorite snack. And thus was born…

Thin Mint Popcorn

I had never experimented like this with popcorn before, but it was really easy.

  • Pop 1/2 cup of kernels (this much fed five people).
  • Melt some chocolate chips (I’m not sure how many, I eyeballed it until the popcorn was covered. Probably ended up being a little less than a cup).
  • Mix 2 tsp peppermint extract into melted chocolate.
  • Coat popcorn with minty melted chocolate.
  • Smash some thin mints and mix the broken pieces in with the sticky popcorn.
  • Let cool and eat.

Thin Mints

I served it for dessert tonight and it was a big hit. I’m going to try to come up with a new idea every week. Hopefully spring term senior year means I can devote more time to blogging and popcorn experimentation than school work!

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