The final rose tonight

As if the stars had been aligned by the love gods themselves, the ten weeks of winter term corresponded perfectly with the ten romance-filled weeks of season 17 of The Bachelor. Rebecca, Claire, Chantal and I followed Sean throughout his entire journey to find love (actually the entire journey–we all watched Emily’s season too). We supported Sean throughout all the ups and downs of the season and by this I mean we dutifully drank wine and ate chocolate for an hour and a half every week no matter how much homework we had. Given our level of devotion to Sean and to the show, we were disappointed when Sean and Chris Harrison bypassed our foursome viewing party and visited sorority houses instead. Their loss.

To make our weekly viewing sessions more interesting, we drafted teams of the girls and eliminated them as they left show. Once the pool started to get smaller, we made our own eliminations each week before we watched the episode and prayed that we had made the right choices based on our expert observations of TV romance. We started the ten weeks with a group of 26 lovely ladies.


It was always great when people came over and asked us what game we were playing with the pictures of women on our wall with giant X’s through them. One of the stories we came up with was that we were setting up our male housemates on dates and these were the women we had narrowed it down to.

Before we knew it, we were down to two: quirky Catherine and sweet Lindsay. As lovable as Lindsay was, we all were rooting for Catherine. Mostly because we thought that we would be best friends if we knew her in real life. From the state of tabloids, Sean and Catherine are still living happily ever after. Call me an idealist, but I think love can happen anywhere…even national television. However, the one thing greater than the love Sean and Catherine found is my love for the poster we made and now have hanging on our wall.


Yes, that is us in the shower with Sean. Rebecca, Chantal, and I are dressed to impress and ready for love, while Lilly and Claire clearly are not here for the right reasons and are probably more interested in finding out what really happens in the fantasy suite. While each of my friends is stunning, funny, smart, and generally amazing, I am clearly Sean’s favorite as he is inviting me into his towel. And what better to celebrate love in the shower than with brownies?

Remember a while ago when I said I was skeptical of vegetables when they are in places they shouldn’t be? I originally felt that way about black beans and brownies, but these goat-cheese-raspberry-swirl-black-bean-brownies have changed my mind. They admittedly do not taste like fluffy box-mix brownies, but they are still delicious and relatively very healthy as far as brownies go.


So get ready to find love, make these brownies, and watch the upcoming season of The Bachelorette. 

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  1. HAHAHA I’m dying…my roommates and I were obsessed. Definitely watching together this summer 🙂

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