None of these photos were staged.

After class, I walked home and saw this.


I know that my housemates parked like this because there was another car at the end of the driveway blocking the entry (so they had to drive across the yard) but it just looks like they don’t know how to park. It made me laugh.

Then I went upstairs and saw this.


It had fallen from the top of the microwave, which is right next to the stove, but it looks like someone wanted to grill some cardboard. Both of these things were accidents/not typical, but I started to think about all the weird things that are in my house that I’ve just grown accustomed to. Here is a glimpse into the weird world I live in…


Creepy hosehead mask…



Yes, that is a James Bond Pinball machine with a conch shell and a Belle water bottle on top of it. Not to point any fingers, but most of this stuff is Andy’s.

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