Birthday Marathon # 1

Beginning 22 years ago yesterday and continuing for the next several weeks, many of my friends were born. Looking at my calendar, there seriously is a birthday to celebrate every week for the rest of this term (two this week!). But not only that, three of these birthdays are my housemates’. Yesterday Dave A. turned 22 and Chantal and I wanted to make him something special. I found this awesome blog called Mix and Match Mama which has some of the coolest, most mouth watering cake recipes I have ever seen. There are so many and they all look so good that it was tough picking just one to make. Ultimately we decided on the nutella cake because we weren’t sure how fancy of a cake Dave would want, but this way it would be more interesting than just chocolate.

ImageWe made cupcakes instead of a cake because a) it sounded more fun and b) we weren’t sure when Dave was going to be home, so cupcakes made it easier for us to have some cake before he got there.

ImageThis is what happens when we bake together. ImageThey were delicious! I am excited to try more of these cake recipes. And go check out Mix and Match Mama! Its about this awesome mama named Shay who is beautiful, dedicated, and wait for it….sister of Sean Lowe! It now seems extra appropriate to finish off these cupcakes while watching drinking wine and watching The Bachelor tonight.

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