It’s Friday, Friday…

Yesterday Cara and I drove up to the cities to do a pure barre class. I had been wanting to try it for a long time and, since I don’t have class until 1 on Fridays and I had finished the reading the night before, we decided to go for it. The instructor asked us if we were sisters. I guess I can see the resemblance… 🙂

ImageI wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew the idea behind it is that its a fusion of ballet and pilates and I had heard a lot about the infamous ‘tuck’, but I wasn’t sure how hard it was going to be or if I was going to like it. Despite the strength of my newly acquired ab and leg muscles, this class killed me. Ten seconds into each set my muscles felt like they were about to burst and this morning my triceps are the sorest they have ever been. Between this and kettlebells, I’m having a little trouble crawling out of bed. But, I keep reminding myself that pain is good and I can’t wait to go back. I would definitely recommend it for someone who wants something fun and different that will also kick your butt.

Later on Friday I got to spend time with another close friend. Liz and I went grocery shopping (its pretty handy to bring along a 10 ft. tall friend to help reach the things on the top shelf) and got ingredients to make…brownies in a mug! Because what better way to celebrate an awesome workout than brownies. I was skeptical about microwave brownies, but they were delicious. Just mix all the ingredients (be sure to melt the butter first and add a little extra water) and then microwave for 2 minutes (the instructions say 1, but that didn’t work). Then eat while watching America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Then I had to work on a paper for a few hours before going to bed early (I had my TFA phone interview bright and early this morning), which wasn’t that fun, but I got to spend the day with people I love and…

I got to fall asleep with this little bug. Good Friday.


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