Winter in Minnesota means…

  • below 0 temperatures
  • the inside of your nose freezing
  • chapped hands and faces
  • runny noses and other sicknesses
  • eating more for insulation
  • dark skies at 4pm
  • lots and lots of snow

All of these things result in one thing: no working out. Who wants to venture a mile to the gym when it is freezing cold and dark and there is a bed full of blankets, a heating pad, hot tea, and a good book basically screaming your name at home?

ALWAYS MAKE TIME FOR EXERCISE. When it’s dark and cold and miserable and busy, even though it seems like the best possible time to succumb to all those excuses running through your head, it is the worst time because times like these are when you need the emotional and physical benefits of exercise. I say this now so I can look back and guilt myself into exercising because this is much easier said than done and in all likelihood I will not get to the gym as often as I should. But, not having the time/motivation to go to the gym is not an excuse to abandon exercise! Check out my new fitness page for a bunch of exercises you can do with minimal/no equipment from the comfort of your own home. Even if at-home exercises are not as good as going to the gym, they are definitely better than not exercising at all.

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  1. Auntie Cindy says:

    I turely enjoy your blog and love the way you write. It somehow puts a smile on my face as I read your colorful descriptions of your thoughts. Keep up the blog!!!!

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