Brown on Brown (and lots of other pictures)

I borrowed my dad’s iphone to upload some pictures. I originally only wanted the ones from New Year’s dinner, but there were so many good ones I forgot he had! Starting with last night and working backwards:


Clearly I have a favorite color….my whole family is sick, but we quit complaining long enough to have a nice New Year’s Eve dinner and watch a movie. I think only my mom made it to midnight.

ImageDinner was good. Pictured below: asparagus prosciutto bruschetta

ImageThen I stumbled upon some old goodies.


Here is the master chef bossing me around the kitchen teaching me how to make donuts and potato dumplings. With her permission, I’ll post the recipes later. She made me wear the apron, so I made her listen to Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.






Family trip to Yosemite. I want to go back.


I’m 21! I forgot he took this. I flew home for my birthday weekend and we went out for a nice seafood dinner.

ImageDon’t know where this is, but it still amazes me that phones can take pictures that look this pretty. It makes me feel old that I can remember when camera phones first came out.

ImageBack to Minnesota tomorrow! Bye bye warm weather.

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