Friday Fun

It has been a few days since I’ve worked out (excuses include: its Christmas, its the day after Christmas, I’m tired, I should prioritize job applications), but today I felt gross and needed to do something that included both muscle building and cardio. Here is what I decided to do:


I found this workout idea a while ago from She has so many good exercises and recipes! She has compiled lots of different sources for exercises in one place. Really good motivation and really easy to navigate, so no excuses. It took about an hour. It was exhausting, but felt so good!

I re-fueled with this delicious meal:

ImageIncludes an egg white omelet, 1/4 cup of cottage cheese, 4 pieces of broccolini, a slice of cheesy bread (not healthy, but my dad got it this morning and its so good), and a wedge of the laughing cow.

On an un-related note: I got a pinterest. I made one a long time ago, but never pinned anything until today. I just got the sudden urge to look at inspirational things. I actually saw that someone pinned the 99 challenge so that is what reminded me of it. Check it out:

Now its time for a Disney movie marathon with a dear friend. What a good Friday.

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