Some of my favorite things that come in jars


I had never heard of apple butter until the 4th of July when I was looking for a fun burger recipe. I stumbled across this one on Panera’s website. You mix the apple butter into the ground turkey before grilling. I’ve made it several times since and it is delicious (my dad and David’s roommate Billy will attest). The apple butter adds a lot of rich, smoky flavor to it. So then I had a lot of apple butter left because the burger recipe does not require much (in fact, I would use a little less than recommended because the taste is very pungent and can be overwhelming if you use too much). I did what I normally do if I have some spare ingredients lying around…..make muffins! They were moist, rich, and “smelled like Thanksgiving” according to my roommate. Great seasonal ingredient.

In case you’re interested, here are a few things to do with apple butter:

As for the other jar up there…I used to hate everything about coconuts, but after doing some research about different types of hair and skin care I decided to try coconut oil. I was never a huge fan of coconut smell, but I figured if it is good for my hair, my skin, and I can cook with it as a healthy oil then I might as well.

Lo and behold, I am in love with coconut oil. I bought a jar of virgin coconut oil–I read to get extra virgin, but I couldn’t find it–and have experimented with it on my face and hair. Haven’t cooked with it yet. I didn’t notice a difference on my face, but it worked like a charm on my hair! I scrubbed it in a few hours before I showered and wrapped a plastic bag around my head (yes, I had the house to myself). It felt disgusting, like I hadn’t showered in years, but after a while I just forgot about it and kept doing chores. It took two rinses of shampoo to get it all out, but when it dried later it felt so incredibly soft! It was wonderful and I’ve been doing it once a week since as well as putting some on my hands and elbows for some extra moisture. I’ll definitely be bringing this back to Minnesota with me to help me through the winter.

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