Seasonal favorite


Peppermint mocha creamer. I’m a huge fan of creamers. Sometime when I really want that pure coffee taste, I will drink it black or with just a little milk (no sugar). But most of the time I want a little flavor to spice things up. Past favorites include the traditional French Vanilla or Hazelnut (the sugar free kind) and the Café Latte flavor which I have not been able to find anywhere except for the tiny Econo Foods in Northfield. Weird. But its delicious—a tricky way to think I’m drinking a fancy latte while saving the money and time of running downtown and getting one.

This week’s winner is definitely peppermint mocha (I’ve also had the white chocolate variety—very delicious). I wanted something different and in keeping with holiday spirit. Plus I have a weakness for anything chocolate and peppermint.

This does come sugar-free, but it tastes fake. So cut out a few grams of sugar elsewhere on the days you drink this because it is worth the real deal. Bonus points: I put a tablespoon of this in my hot chocolate last night. So good. Out of curiosity I checked out the Coffee-Mate website to see what other flavors they have and there are so many! I thought I had tried my fair share of creamers, but turns out I’ve only tried 8 of the 25. New mini-goal for 2013: try all of them.

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