“This is me”

I put this image in the front pocket of my classwork binder and a couple of students asked me what it meant. I walked them through each identity, explaining very matter-of-factly what each one was (“huh” was their only response when I explained what transgender meant). Then we talked about why each marker of identity was included in this circle. A few students asked me if they could have a copy too. Later when I handed some out, one little girl took out a bright purple pen and circled “hispanic” and “female” – proudly saying “This is me”. She eyed “undocumented” and asked me to explain what it meant one more time. She looked at me, looked at the paper, and then circled it.

“This is me too.”


Strog Togeder

On Marching

A week ago, women (and men) around the world marched in protest of President Donald Trump. Some say it was the largest demonstration in U.S. history. And among the 125,000+ people that marched in Boston, there was a tiny group of teachers.

There were many signs that were clever and telling and raw, but my favorites were these kickstarter campaign images that celebrate the truth – that diversity is what makes America great. I loved seeing these images cropping up  in footage from marches worldwide.

The march wasn’t perfect. Many faces were missing (for reasons we all need to acknowledge, accept, and act on). It wasn’t perfect, but it was a start. And given the events of Donald Trump’s first week in office, we have a lot more work to do.